Review of Mining Contracts Cloud

Ah! Genesis Mining, the controversial, the desired, the acclaimed, the hated ...

Ah! Hashflare, the most honest crooks Cloud Mining ...

Ah! Mining GCC, but who you are ...?

Cloud Mining is a balance between buying Cryptos, or go crazy to build a mining firm. When Cryptos market is doing well, you can get a return on investment (ROI, Return on Investment) within 6 months, 8 or 10 when things go worse. The problem: Genesis offers virtually no more contract. Hashflare limit contracts to one year. GCCmining is just starting out.

First of all, let's be realistic: even 1 of 1 year contract, you potentially have an ROI of 20/50%. It's huge, it's exceptional.

You invest € 1000, 365 days after you have 1200, at ease ... Besides a possible increase in Crypto you mined (yes you will be paid in the currency that you mine).

In short, it makes you want to blow this ugly PEL or good old Livret A ...

Let's be simple and concise. These three companies are considered reliable, which is the most important. The figures do not take into account the huge volatility crypto (either upward or downward)

  • Genesis Mining

If you can buy one of their contract, go there. This is serious, it is efficient and honest. They started with contracts with life duration, that they continue to honor. Today they "only" offer contract for 2 years. An ROI of 140/150% safe and guaranteed ...

Offers a wide range of crypto. Website a bit dusty but good customer service.

Go to and here is a code of 3% discount: QJXM3R

  • Hashflare

With a good start offering lifetime contracts, they have simply reclassified them as 1 year contracts without prio notice nor compensation. Overwhelmed customer service (it makes sense), but rather simple and effective website. Few choices of Cryptos but an ROI of 125% over 1 year. The choice of spite,

  • CCG Mining

Probably the best of the 3. Clear website, detailed information. He has the advantage of having contracts to offer, furthermore over 2 years in Cloud Mining. Very fair prices.

Best of all: if you buy a farm at home instead of a Cloud Contract , it seems that this one might last lifetime, which is very enticing. Small problem: as they just start we have not much recoil. And "lifetime" is not really well defined yet.

But the best ROI, and the most diversified offer , it is there:

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