Sites d’achat – trading

Small word about buying, saling, trading Cryptocurrencies markets.

valuable tips for all sites:

  • Use 2 authentication factors (2FA) to protect your access.
  • It is usually more cost effective to use the exchange sites for your transactions as they will have low commissions. For an example, by storing Bitcoins on a classic Wallet, the cost of a transaction can easily climb up to 20%.
  • For all sites, you need to create an account and verify your identity, you take them well in advance.
  • The purchase by credit card is subject to huge commissions, prefer transfers.
  • Each site takes a commission of 8/10% above the price of Bitcoin, do not be surprised by the difference, but compare rates at the same time on all sites, some have a shift on the carts that can save you some money.

Buying-selling webs + Small exchange

Particular case : allows you to buy / sell exclusively Bitcoins, between individuals, and offers a wide variety of payments.


Particular case : is a web wallet that provides a little bit of trading, as well as a mobile application.